Bridge Real Estate Investing Meetup


BREIM mentors are real estate professionals with extensive experience. Mentors are here to help you grow, learn, and solve problems Wherever you are in your real estate journey.


Matt Popilek

Matt is a talented coach, real estate investor, multi-family specialist, and he has a heart for giving and helping.


Klarissa Skinner

Klarissa is a talented realtor who explains it all. Klarissa works with retail sellers, buyers, and investors with a real pulse on the market.


Brooke Nelson

Brooke is a talented real estate agent, broker, investor, designer, and professional stager. 


Ian Reeves

Ian is a real estate Investor and Entrepreneur obsessed with learning and growing


Ted Anderson

Ted is an Expert in tax lien sales and tax property sales, and the sale of excess City property.


Brandon Searle

Brandon is a talented realtor and fix and flip investor. He has the eye to work from both sides of the deal, retail (MLS) and the investor mindset.


Joe Williams

Joe is a expert in fix and flips, wholesale properties, and buy and holds. Joe owns a successful foundation repair company in Kansas City

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